Creative Writing- 5 Crucial Reasons Why You Never Really Get Going With Your Creative Writing

How happy are you with your creative writing right now?

If a rating of 100 was “I’m writing the most amazing, rich and deep creative work I’m capable of” and a rating of 0 was “I’m not even writing”, where would you be right now on that scale?

If you rated yourself around 80 or above, congratulations, that’s fantastic! You’ve obviously found the methods, routines and techniques that are working incredibly well for you as a writer.

If, like the vast majority, your rating was much lower, then obviously you’re aware there must be a number of factors that are preventing you from being the best creative writer you can be.

So here are 5 of the most common reasons why you never really get going with YOUR creative writing, and what you can do instead:

1. You feel you don’t have enough time. You don’t write very often, and when you do it’s only a snatched few minutes here and there. You don’t have a chance to get going, to build momentum. There’s always something “more important” demanding your attention.

What you can do – Set aside a fixed period to create in every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Get up earlier, go to bed later, borrow the time from somewhere, make it a priority. Stick to it the same time everyday and within a couple of weeks you’ll notice the difference in your creative writing.

2. You lack the confidence in your creativity. You don’t believe you ever write anything that’s any good or worthwhile. You feel “what’s the point of writing if I never come up with anything good?”

What you can do – Build your confidence by starting with small projects. Pick a simple form like a short article or poem and just experiment writing with different approaches. Detach yourself from the outcome of the “finished product”. Just write to enjoy the experience of writing.

3. You struggle to focus on one project. You always have about 17 projects at various stages of completion. Whenever you start working on one project, you come up with ideas for the others, and you feel bombarded with options and overwhelmed.

What you can do – Pick one project. Make it something quite small, something you can finish within a couple of hours. Put all the other projects away out of sight. The aim here is to practice seeing one project through to the end, and experience what that feels like.

4. You don’t think you come up with enough good ideas. You often just sit staring blankly at a screen, wondering where on earth your next idea will ever come from. This makes you feel more and more anxious and to avoid this feeling, over time you’ve stopped even sitting down to write.

What you can do – Being open to ideas and to stimulation is a state of mind, something that anyone can develop. Take a notebook or sketchbook out to a new environment. Go through each of your 5 senses in turn and write down as much as you can about what you’re experiencing through that sense. This will enhance your sensory awareness, and ideas will flow more easily to you.

5. You feel a slave to procrastination. You never quite get around to writing, you always manage to find something else important to do. Like reorganising your bookshelf or cleaning the entire contents of your cutlery drawer.

What you can do – Set a short period of time to create every day, say 15 minutes. In this time, just write, forget about everything else. Just write what comes to you, whatever that may be. The more you practice just sitting down and going straight into writing – without finding an excuse not to – the easier it’ll get.

These are 5 of the top reasons why people struggle to be the wonderful creative writer they have the potential to be.

Which do you relate to most?

What actions can you start to take today to move your creative writing forward?

The Top Five Ways To Get Free MLM Training

Building your MLM business on a tight budget? This article will explain the top 5 ways to get free MLM training to help you generate more leads and sponsor more distributors.

Most people who get involved in MLM, do so due to the potential to be financially free and spend time doing the things they enjoy, but the majority of distributors start with no sales experience and little money to help fund there new venture.

It is essential to learn how to build your business correctly so you can start generating a profit as soon as possible. But many new distributors simply don’t have money to purchase training and acquire the knowledge they need to succeed.

So how does the aspiring MLMer, short on cash but filled with determination and energy, learn the ins and outs that will speed up their success? They find free training online!

There are many different ways to get free tips, training and the information you require to succeed. Below are the 5 top ways to get free MLM training regardless and which business opportunity you’re involved in or how tight your budget is.

Google is your best friend.

Many problems are common among multi-level marketers, such as struggling to generate enough leads, or make a reasonable amount of sales. It may sounds very simple, but use Google to search for the answers to your problems.

Many new distributor turn to their upline asking for answers to simple solutions that can be found online. If you have encountered a problem, the chances are someone else has too. And they’ve probably written a post on a blog, forum post or Facebook page about it.

Piggyback on their solutions. The type of free MLM training given from blogs, forums, Facebook etc, is usually based on the actual experience of successful marketers. It is generally usable and trustworthy.

YouTube, your online classroom.

YouTube is much more than funny videos. It is the biggest online classroom and 3rd most visited sit on the entire internet. You can spend hrs, even days getting free MLM training from expert marketers and sales professionals to help you build your business.

You can literally look over the shoulder of other marketers and learn how to convert leads, sponsor distributors and advertise your business the correct way.

The more you use this method to get free MLM training, the more you will learn about video marketing. You can then use YouTube to generate leads for own business.


Marketers pay big money for quality information and training from the experts. By reading your favourite MLM blogs, you can learn some incredible tips and dramatically reduced your learning curve. Blogs are often updated regularly and provide extremely valuable information.

This gives you a direct channel to the brain of individuals who are doing MLM the correct way. These authorities can point you in the right direction, keep up to with the latest trends and recommend new types of training, ebooks and products etc. The free MLM training provided on a blog can often save you a tonne of time and money if you consistently read them.

Facebook Fan Pages.

Almost every leader in the MLM industry all have Facebook Fan Pages where you can interact personally with him. This is the place to ask specific questions to leaders who influence your niche, manage your company or provide other training.

You can often find articles, tips and free MLM training on fan pages. Leaders need to keep in the public eye and they want to create buzz. The best way for them to do this is by updating their pages often with useful content.

You can also learn from the comments posted by other visitors to the site as well as post your own questions and concerns.

MLM Forums.

Visit as many active MLM forums online as you can. Find out where your fellow marketers congregate. This is where people just like you hang out, ask questions to issues they may be experiencing, giveaway valuable tips and encourage others to succeed.

Whatever problem you are currently facing in your MLM business, you can be sure someone in an active forum has already faced it. Benefit and learn from their experience. Take notes, save the helpful threads in your favourites tab and take advantage of the free MLM training offered.

Help others with the problems you have successfully solved. If you get to be known as a go-to person, this can be another very useful source to generate quality MLM leads, if done correctly.

It is true that paid training programs or one-on-one coaching might bring in results a little faster. But whether you use paid or free MLM training, your success is determined one hundred percent by your commitment and desire to succeed as a marketer, not the size of your budget.

You can achieve great success with any of the free MLM training tips above. The key is to remain consistent, learn effective marketing strategies and take massive action

Chicago School Initiatives

Chicago Schools face many barriers in providing equal and effective learning to one of the nation’s largest student populations. The prospect of school can be daunting for students and parents. The system demands enrollment at earlier ages each year and the curriculums of Chicago Schools are constantly raised to new levels in order to stimulate educational development. But not all children learn at the same rate, or even in the same ways. Do the Chicago Schools pay attention to programs and initiatives that focus on safeguarding and cultivating student interests?

Chicago Schools have many such initiatives designed to join all aspects of the learning experience. Many Chicago Schools do consider the situations of various students. There are Evening High School Programs which allow struggling students to complete their credits for graduation. Chicago schools have also set up a Future Exchange Programs that creates a partnership between the schools and business corporations. After school initiatives are set in place to offer help or community involvement to Chicago Schools’ at-risk population.

Chicago schools have an overwhelming number of these initiatives that span all sorts of educational arenas. The most telling sign of a school system may be the attention it devotes to students outside of school and office hours. The care displayed by the Chicago schools is noteworthy. There are multitudes of initiatives set in place that cater to the student. In urban areas there are often higher rates of crime, and more dangerous environments that could promote violence. By presenting the students with options, they are giving the alternative of being constructive. Supervision by a Chicago School administrator is certainly an enticing appeal to parents.

Hand in hand with after school programs are sports and recreation. Chicago Schools have also highlighted options that present students with a chance for physical activity. In a world dominated by video games and television, the Department of Sports Administration has taken a stand. Chicago Schools strongly encourage student participation in athletic programs. The involvement stresses a physically healthy lifestyle that is quickly and tragically going out of fashion in today’s youth.

Overall it seems that the Chicago Schools have an initiatives program concerned with producing a well-rounded student. The administration has set up programs that appeal to all parts of a balanced life. Community involvement, academic wellness, physical maintenance and art appreciation are all included in the Chicago Schools’ initiatives. That is not to say that Chicago Schools don’t still have their struggles. Older buildings, socio-economic inequities, drop-out rates and teacher turnover offer enough issues to keep parent, teachers and administrators creating new initiatives for decades to come. Urban schools face big issues with huge populations and never enough money. Keep your eyes on Chicago Schools; they face a future of challenge and change.

How to Learn Magic Tricks – Tips to Learn How to Put Up a Good Magic Show

Magic tricks are among the best activities that can help you entertain guests, amaze friends and surprise family members. Of course, having some skills in doing magic can also help you attract women if you are a guy.

Of course, women love to be with guys who can make them laugh and who can amuse them and researching on how to learn magic tricks may just be your key to getting closer to the types of women you want to be with. Of course, you can also make money performing your tricks especially if you have mastered some techniques that have not been done before and of course, if you also executed your tricks effectively and efficiently.

If you are interested on how to learn magic tricks, you may find some of these tips useful and helpful.

– Practice. One of the very important elements on how to learn magic tricks is practice. In fact, without or too little practice can be embarrassing for any magician or for a person trying to make others believe that he possess some certain powers that many people don’t have. Learning magic is in fact, something that you should strive to achieve perfection as possible.

– Using your subconscious to cultivate your mind reading skills. The mind has vast capabilities and learning how to hone the power of your subconscious can be the first step towards learning some of the mind control techniques that you might want to use for your magic tricks. Of course, it helps a lot to explore the many ways to entertain your audience. In fact, to become a good magician, you have to find new magic tricks and make use of a lot of techniques to impress your audience. In these times when there are already a lot of magic and tricks being disclosed online, it helps a lot to explore new magic that is fresh and new.

– Learning from the masters. One of the things that you can start with if you are interested on how to learn magic tricks is to learn from masters.

-Learn from books and websites online. Another option that you can use to help you on how to learn magic tricks is to read books and learn from great websites online. However, you may use them to learn the basics but you can always improve them, make your own and learn from the techniques. You don’t have to copy and other’s magic. Making your own can be a good way to establish your signature style and that can also make you stand out from the many magicians that are already in the entertainment industry.

– Make sure you get the right equipments for your magic and learn how to make good transitions from one magic to another. Magic tricks are for entertainment and shows and you have to make sure also to learn how to be able to present a good show to people where they can also enjoy your magic.

GMAT and Practice Exams: Be Prepared to Take on the Questions

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is an exam taken by those who want to pursue further studies in business. It is required by some colleges in order for people to get their Master’s degree so passing it is extremely important. It is so important to know the different GMAT practice exams that they can take to review.

The first part of a GMAT is to check one’s analytical thinking. This is done by asking the person to analyze and interpret an argument through an essay. They are normally two essays which are scored separately to determine the average of the examinee. These essays are then checked manually and through machine, both giving scores that range from 0 – 6; 0 being the lowest and 6 the highest.

The second part of the exam is the quantitative examinations. The basic multiple choice type of exams takes around 75 minutes for the examinee to complete. There are 37 questions that are separated to two types: problem solving and data sufficiency. This examination is scored from 0-60. In order to prepare, some people do advanced studying and even take a GMAT online practice test to hone their skills.

The next section in the GMAT is the verbal section. In this section, the examinee has 41 questions that fall under three categories: sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension. Sentence construction is where the examinee is tested on how he can construct sentences with correct flow and grammar. Critical reasoning is where the examinee tries to make an argument based on a scenario that will be given. Reading comprehension is the part where the person will have to read a passage and answer certain questions that correspond to it. It determines how much information he can hold and how easily he can understand what he read.

Regarding the scores, different schools have different bases on how to determine the passing rate. Most schools do not display the passing mark but they, instead, show the median score of the last batch who took the exam. Normally, people consider those scores as the benchmark of what they should aim for. In elite schools, the average of 600 or 700 out of 800 is attained.

This is only a way to determine what involves in the testing for GMAT. It is a very important test for people who wish to move forward with their pursuit of knowledge. Certainly, knowing these things and being proactive in looking for ways to maximize learning, like applying for additional studies and taking a sample GMAT online test, will definitely give them an edge.

Options for Obtaining an Online Education in Food Science

By choosing to obtain an education in food science you have the opportunity to complete an accredited online training program. You can prepare for the career you desire by enrolling in an online school or college. Some programs may require hands on training so you should look into this prior to enrollment. You can choose to obtain a variety of accredited certificates and degrees in this exciting field in a number of specialized areas. Training can be completed from the comfort of your own home, around your own schedule. You can start the process by learning more about the food science field and enrolling in a program today.


Pursuing an accredited online education in food science will help you to become the professional you desire. Professionals in this field are trained for a variety of reasons based on the specific career. You can learn to work in the culinary field preparing food, creating menus, managing restaurants, and much more. You can choose to obtain an education in a variety of areas including dietetics, nutrition, and more. When you enroll in an accredited online school or college for an education in food science you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter into a successful career in this field.


Career possibilities will vary based on the level of education being gained and the area of interest. You can expect to seek employment as a dietician, chef, nutritionist, food service manager, and many other professions. Training for these types of career can be done by completing all required studies through the online program you choose to enroll in. With a certificate or degree you can seek employment with restaurants, bars, hotels, food retail companies, and many other companies.

*Training and Coursework

Online learning gives you the opportunity to learn the subjects that relate to your desired career and level of education. You can choose to pursue an accredited certificate, or associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree in this exciting field. Undergraduate degrees typically require two to four years of accredited training and will help to prepare you for the workforce or further education. Graduate degree programs can take an additional two to four years of study to obtain. Coursework will depend on the level of education and specialized area of study. You may have the chance to learn subjects like nutrition, dietary, safety and sanitation, organic chemistry, food technology, and much more. Training in these areas will help you to pursue the career of your dreams.

Accredited online schools and colleges are available to provide you with the quality education you need and deserve. Training can be completed through a number of learning programs that offer an online education in food science. Agencies like the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education ( are approved to fully accredit these types of programs. You can start the path to a new career by researching schools and colleges and enrolling today.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at

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How Can You Attend a Course Anytime and From Anywhere?

From my real-life perspective, I have understood that there are millions of people who want to attend a presentation, meeting or class, but are unable to do so because of geographical constraints or time limits. They want to learn more or sharpen their business skill-sets, but do not find supportive environment to help them to fulfill their dreams. Since the last decade, the world has witnessed major technological changes. Nowadays, distance is no longer a barrier for a hands-on approach. Anyone anytime can do or learn online, defying time constraints and location boundaries.

Conducting classes or courses online has re-defined the way knowledge was traditionally imparted by our teachers. Classrooms exist even today, but the way of teaching and learning has changed. Technology is playing a tremendous role in bringing courses or training programs within easy reach disregarding the time and location barriers completely.

Online courses can be attended from any place, 24×7. You need to have an internet connection at home or workplace to log onto the educational institute’s website and start browsing through its online web pages. You can view and download course catalog as well as quickly glance through their online class calendar to know the starting date and timing of all upcoming classes.

Online courses offer online registration facility to let interested people sign up for one or multiple courses. There is no fixed time for registering your name – as long as the seats don’t get filled up; you are free to fill up a registration form. Once the seats of a specific class are full, an automatic notification will pop up to inform you of the current status.

Paying for a Cloud-based course is even easier. You don’t have to bother traveling to the educational organization’s registration office to hand-over cash or check in order to enroll for a class / course. You can simply send your registration fees and course fees online via credit cards, PayPal, echecks, and similar other standard payment gateways.

Attending classes has never being this simple! You just need to sit in front of your PC to participate in a virtual class, listen to the lectures, and take down notes from time to time. You can chat, email, and share relevant learning materials and website links with your virtual classmates at anytime and from any corner of the globe. You can ask a set of questions to the teacher/instructor as well as get instant feedback on a completed assignment or project in minutes.

Schools, colleges, and universities who are offering online classes have created an online forum section where students and teachers can regularly talk and discuss about anything that covers their learning domain. In this way, online courses have achieved huge popularity because of its ease of usage and understanding to learn in a virtual environment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Online Colleges Gain Popularity Among New Graduates

With the rise of the Internet and the opportunities it now provides, a new type of college student is quickly emerging, making a big splash on the college scene. Imagine being able to earn a college degree without ever attending a traditional classroom!

A wealth of colleges and universities have now gone online, enabling college students both young and old to earn an associates, bachelors, masters or even a PhD degree online. Or, you can simply take a few classes to help learn a new subject or to complete a diploma or certificate.

Online Degrees for Both High School Grads and Professionals

When you think of online colleges and universities, you may assume that it is an educational option mainly for busy professionals or older people who want to go back to school. But online college degrees are becoming more popular with recent high school and college graduates ready to take the next step in their educational advancement.

Here are three great reasons for new graduates to consider earning their degree online:

1. Conveniently Scheduled Classes on Your Time

Traditional campus-based undergraduate and graduate college courses are scheduled anywhere from early morning to late evening. Trudging back and forth across campus due to a staggered schedule, or trying to schedule your classes around a part-time job or an internship can be overwhelming. But an accredited online college can work with you, offering most, if not all of your classes online with various time options available for you to choose from. Take your classes when it’s most convenient for you from the comfort of your own home.

2. Learn at Your Own Pace

At an accredited online college, you set the pace of your studies and determine the sequence and style of learning that is right for you. This helps develop time management skills and means less stress for you since you are on your own schedule and not at the mercy of other student’s learning style.

3. Make More Money

It’s a well known fact that people with college degrees and advanced degrees earn much more than their high school or GED counterparts. According to the U.S. Census, workers 18 and over sporting bachelors degrees earn an average of $51,206 a year, while those with a high school diploma earn $27,915. But wait, there’s more. Workers with an advanced degree make an average of $74,602, and those without a high school diploma average $18,734.*

There are so many online colleges in the US and abroad that it can be difficult to choose the best online university degree program. But no matter which one you choose, the advancements in educational technology provide you with the opportunity to get the accredited professional education you desire.

* Source: U.S. Census Bureau

High End Coaching – Take Advantage of the Coaching Demand

Everybody needs coaching. Both corporate and individual coaching demands have shot up and the reason for that is participants of good coaching get results.

There are some professionals who have more than one coach. They have a coach for health and fitness, they have a coach for their career goals and they have a coach for relationship building. So there is no shortage of coaching requirements.

The thing is a lot of the new and inexperienced coaches are not picking up the clients that they need. They are networking as much as they can. They might even be online but the new clients are just not coming through the door and those that are participating in coaching are not being paid their true value.

If you are a professional coach and you can change the lives of others you truly have a high value in society. But sometimes you have a problem promoting that value to the right participants and at the right price.

How can you be coaching for $97 per client and giving them four hours of your time each month. Do you know that that equates to $24.25 per hour. Is that what you are worth?

A doctor, who must training for between 5 and 10 years in their specialist area can earn in excess of $75,000 per year. But with coaching, if your promote your services right, charge at value that reflects your true worth and communicates with potential clients online you can generate at least half of that in any one month – that £37,500!

If you have trouble promoting your services the way you should do, then get training. Because you are leaving a lot of money on the table and there are people out there that need you.

They need your relationship training, or health improvement coaching, or business services learning, etc. etc. Whatever it is you specialise in, there is a wealth of people both on and offline that need your services. It just a question of doing things differently.

For instance, instead of spending time handing out your business card to everyone you meet, instead go to where the executives or senior managers hang out and find a way of introducing your services to them. The benefit is, they are more likely to pay you what you are worth and they are accustomed to education, training and coaching.

Take advantage of the huge demand for coaching today and get paid precisely what you are worth.

Career Advancement And Weight Problems – How To Tackle The Two

In our society, there are many more overweight people than any time previously. Even though these people recognize how crucial it can be to keep their body weight down and to lose a few extra pounds, for most of us the fight is extremely hard Unfortunately, where overweight people and opportunities for career advancement are concerned, due to appearance they have limited advancement opportunities in their career field. After taking surveys of companies and organization, it is proven that companies are not as likely to hire and overweight person as they would someone who is physically fit. The survey showed that even if doing a wonderful job and were the best qualified person for the project, overweight and obese people were overlooked for higher paying jobs.

Through this study we also learn that overweight people are discriminated against equally, which say that many millions of incredible employees are being passed by for the career advancement opportunities that they deserve and would have gotten, if no for the way they look. If you have experienced problems with career advancement and being overweight, you have options available to improve the chances of you obtaining career advancement and the stigma of being overweight.

Pride in who you are and what you stand for will make you stand out, it will also make you employers and your coworkers notice that you no longer show that you have a lack of self esteem. Building your self image will make you feel confident in your ability to obtain your goals, and you will not let a little extra weight keep you down.

This can be accomplished by taking the time every day to do something positive and to accomplish something new. If you follow this you will find faith in your self and feel as if you are worth something.

If you think that advancement and overweight issues are hindering your ability to move ahead, see your health care professional. They will be able to provide you with a healthy new diet and teach you some tricks for a health conscious lifestyle.

Keep in mind that over weight people tend to experiment with several types of diet, until they discover on that successfully work with them. Fad diets and quick weight loss is usually followed by becoming overweight again very quickly. Getting rid of the the extra pounds that caused the problem of being overweight and not gaining the career advancement that you are craving, you must not get discouraged by slow losses and try to keep in mind that you didn’t gain the weight in one day. It will take some time to lose weight properly.

Other ways of getting rid of those overweight issues associated with career advancement, remember to dress successfully and try to be as well groomed as possible. Grooming is a very important thing no matter what weight you are.

Make it a habit of always having a neat and tidy appearance and dressing professionally gives a wonderful business oriented impression. Invest in clothing that fits your body and is made of quality materials, and don’t wear clothing that is baggy because it will only serve to make you look heavier.