High End Coaching – Take Advantage of the Coaching Demand

Everybody needs coaching. Both corporate and individual coaching demands have shot up and the reason for that is participants of good coaching get results.

There are some professionals who have more than one coach. They have a coach for health and fitness, they have a coach for their career goals and they have a coach for relationship building. So there is no shortage of coaching requirements.

The thing is a lot of the new and inexperienced coaches are not picking up the clients that they need. They are networking as much as they can. They might even be online but the new clients are just not coming through the door and those that are participating in coaching are not being paid their true value.

If you are a professional coach and you can change the lives of others you truly have a high value in society. But sometimes you have a problem promoting that value to the right participants and at the right price.

How can you be coaching for $97 per client and giving them four hours of your time each month. Do you know that that equates to $24.25 per hour. Is that what you are worth?

A doctor, who must training for between 5 and 10 years in their specialist area can earn in excess of $75,000 per year. But with coaching, if your promote your services right, charge at value that reflects your true worth and communicates with potential clients online you can generate at least half of that in any one month – that £37,500!

If you have trouble promoting your services the way you should do, then get training. Because you are leaving a lot of money on the table and there are people out there that need you.

They need your relationship training, or health improvement coaching, or business services learning, etc. etc. Whatever it is you specialise in, there is a wealth of people both on and offline that need your services. It just a question of doing things differently.

For instance, instead of spending time handing out your business card to everyone you meet, instead go to where the executives or senior managers hang out and find a way of introducing your services to them. The benefit is, they are more likely to pay you what you are worth and they are accustomed to education, training and coaching.

Take advantage of the huge demand for coaching today and get paid precisely what you are worth.