GMAT and Practice Exams: Be Prepared to Take on the Questions

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is an exam taken by those who want to pursue further studies in business. It is required by some colleges in order for people to get their Master’s degree so passing it is extremely important. It is so important to know the different GMAT practice exams that they can take to review.

The first part of a GMAT is to check one’s analytical thinking. This is done by asking the person to analyze and interpret an argument through an essay. They are normally two essays which are scored separately to determine the average of the examinee. These essays are then checked manually and through machine, both giving scores that range from 0 – 6; 0 being the lowest and 6 the highest.

The second part of the exam is the quantitative examinations. The basic multiple choice type of exams takes around 75 minutes for the examinee to complete. There are 37 questions that are separated to two types: problem solving and data sufficiency. This examination is scored from 0-60. In order to prepare, some people do advanced studying and even take a GMAT online practice test to hone their skills.

The next section in the GMAT is the verbal section. In this section, the examinee has 41 questions that fall under three categories: sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension. Sentence construction is where the examinee is tested on how he can construct sentences with correct flow and grammar. Critical reasoning is where the examinee tries to make an argument based on a scenario that will be given. Reading comprehension is the part where the person will have to read a passage and answer certain questions that correspond to it. It determines how much information he can hold and how easily he can understand what he read.

Regarding the scores, different schools have different bases on how to determine the passing rate. Most schools do not display the passing mark but they, instead, show the median score of the last batch who took the exam. Normally, people consider those scores as the benchmark of what they should aim for. In elite schools, the average of 600 or 700 out of 800 is attained.

This is only a way to determine what involves in the testing for GMAT. It is a very important test for people who wish to move forward with their pursuit of knowledge. Certainly, knowing these things and being proactive in looking for ways to maximize learning, like applying for additional studies and taking a sample GMAT online test, will definitely give them an edge.