Chicago School Initiatives

Chicago Schools face many barriers in providing equal and effective learning to one of the nation’s largest student populations. The prospect of school can be daunting for students and parents. The system demands enrollment at earlier ages each year and the curriculums of Chicago Schools are constantly raised to new levels in order to stimulate educational development. But not all children learn at the same rate, or even in the same ways. Do the Chicago Schools pay attention to programs and initiatives that focus on safeguarding and cultivating student interests?

Chicago Schools have many such initiatives designed to join all aspects of the learning experience. Many Chicago Schools do consider the situations of various students. There are Evening High School Programs which allow struggling students to complete their credits for graduation. Chicago schools have also set up a Future Exchange Programs that creates a partnership between the schools and business corporations. After school initiatives are set in place to offer help or community involvement to Chicago Schools’ at-risk population.

Chicago schools have an overwhelming number of these initiatives that span all sorts of educational arenas. The most telling sign of a school system may be the attention it devotes to students outside of school and office hours. The care displayed by the Chicago schools is noteworthy. There are multitudes of initiatives set in place that cater to the student. In urban areas there are often higher rates of crime, and more dangerous environments that could promote violence. By presenting the students with options, they are giving the alternative of being constructive. Supervision by a Chicago School administrator is certainly an enticing appeal to parents.

Hand in hand with after school programs are sports and recreation. Chicago Schools have also highlighted options that present students with a chance for physical activity. In a world dominated by video games and television, the Department of Sports Administration has taken a stand. Chicago Schools strongly encourage student participation in athletic programs. The involvement stresses a physically healthy lifestyle that is quickly and tragically going out of fashion in today’s youth.

Overall it seems that the Chicago Schools have an initiatives program concerned with producing a well-rounded student. The administration has set up programs that appeal to all parts of a balanced life. Community involvement, academic wellness, physical maintenance and art appreciation are all included in the Chicago Schools’ initiatives. That is not to say that Chicago Schools don’t still have their struggles. Older buildings, socio-economic inequities, drop-out rates and teacher turnover offer enough issues to keep parent, teachers and administrators creating new initiatives for decades to come. Urban schools face big issues with huge populations and never enough money. Keep your eyes on Chicago Schools; they face a future of challenge and change.