Career Advancement And Weight Problems – How To Tackle The Two

In our society, there are many more overweight people than any time previously. Even though these people recognize how crucial it can be to keep their body weight down and to lose a few extra pounds, for most of us the fight is extremely hard Unfortunately, where overweight people and opportunities for career advancement are concerned, due to appearance they have limited advancement opportunities in their career field. After taking surveys of companies and organization, it is proven that companies are not as likely to hire and overweight person as they would someone who is physically fit. The survey showed that even if doing a wonderful job and were the best qualified person for the project, overweight and obese people were overlooked for higher paying jobs.

Through this study we also learn that overweight people are discriminated against equally, which say that many millions of incredible employees are being passed by for the career advancement opportunities that they deserve and would have gotten, if no for the way they look. If you have experienced problems with career advancement and being overweight, you have options available to improve the chances of you obtaining career advancement and the stigma of being overweight.

Pride in who you are and what you stand for will make you stand out, it will also make you employers and your coworkers notice that you no longer show that you have a lack of self esteem. Building your self image will make you feel confident in your ability to obtain your goals, and you will not let a little extra weight keep you down.

This can be accomplished by taking the time every day to do something positive and to accomplish something new. If you follow this you will find faith in your self and feel as if you are worth something.

If you think that advancement and overweight issues are hindering your ability to move ahead, see your health care professional. They will be able to provide you with a healthy new diet and teach you some tricks for a health conscious lifestyle.

Keep in mind that over weight people tend to experiment with several types of diet, until they discover on that successfully work with them. Fad diets and quick weight loss is usually followed by becoming overweight again very quickly. Getting rid of the the extra pounds that caused the problem of being overweight and not gaining the career advancement that you are craving, you must not get discouraged by slow losses and try to keep in mind that you didn’t gain the weight in one day. It will take some time to lose weight properly.

Other ways of getting rid of those overweight issues associated with career advancement, remember to dress successfully and try to be as well groomed as possible. Grooming is a very important thing no matter what weight you are.

Make it a habit of always having a neat and tidy appearance and dressing professionally gives a wonderful business oriented impression. Invest in clothing that fits your body and is made of quality materials, and don’t wear clothing that is baggy because it will only serve to make you look heavier.

How To Bulletproof Your Career!

In the not-too-distant past, ascending the corporate ladder assured management professionals of a bigger office, a stronger compensation package and a more secure future. But today, executives are being told: Don’t get too comfortable in that corner office, and don’t buy that fancy new car or boat you’ve always dreamed of – because your job is just as vulnerable as everyone else’s. Evidence suggests that the higher up the ladder you go, the more precarious your position may become! The attitude toward executives and the roles they play within companies have drastically changed in recent years. I’ve seen executives who have been with the same company for 20 or more years. They’ve worked their way up the corporate ladder and felt that they had proven their value – then they were unceremoniously dismissed from their positions as if they had just been hired as an entry-level worker. As a Career Consultant, it’s my job to re-instill the client’s confidence, identify his or her strengths, and “re-package” that individual for the current job market. But, to navigate effectively through the career transition process and ultimately make your career bulletproof, you must first be informed about what’s really going on in the work-world. I see several important trends taking place with regard to executive-level job stability and security, including:


Job Market Trend 1:

More and more positions, even at senior levels, are now being offered on a contract or temporary basis. The position, in these cases, lasts only as long as is needed to fulfill the employer’s contract with their client. This requires job seekers to think differently – more like an independent consultant who works on assignment – rather than as a permanent employee. In many business sectors and industries, it could be said that the “permanent, full-time job” no longer exists as we knew it. This trend also puts the responsibility on the part of the executive to consistently promote and market himself or herself for the next opportunity – and the one after that!

Job Market Trend 2:

Companies are still very cautious and careful about making any hiring decisions of high-paying, senior management positions. Executives seeking such jobs must now “sell themselves” more than in the past. They need to demonstrate just how they will enhance the company’s productivity, efficiency and profitability – or they probably won’t get the offer. This means that the job seeker really needs to learn how to effectively present and market himself or herself. Just having the right job titles on one’s résumé, or having the appropriate technical skills for the job, are no longer enough.

Job Market Trend 3:

Executives are receiving smaller career transition programs than ever before from the large outplacement firms – and many displaced professionals are getting no career transition programs at all. This means that greater numbers of executives are seeking-out help from smaller, more personal career consulting firms and career support groups.


Although the transition programs mentioned above do offer important career management techniques, let me share with you the most important activities you should always be doing to overcome the challenges outlined above, and bulletproof your career for the future:

1. Keep all your success documents up to date

2. Put time aside every week for active networking

3. Join and take leadership roles in appropriate associations

4. Write articles or do presentations in your area of expertise

5. Continue your career education, including new credentials

6. Research and be aware of the competition

7. Offer to help people in your network on a regular basis

8. Look at new jobs and investigate other opportunities

9. Always ask yourself, “How can I contribute more?”

10. Practice your networking, interviewing and negotiating skills

If you want your career to be truly bulletproof, you’ll need to educate yourself on topics you probably thought you’d never have to worry about again – like self-marketing, networking, interviewing and negotiating. To master these skills, many management professionals are also discovering helpful online resources and free audio seminars.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS: If you seek-out the right support and leverage vital resources like those mentioned above, you may actually be thankful for the experience of going through transition – ultimately finding a career or landing a job that will be a much better “fit” than those you’ve previously had.


Permission to Reprint: This article may be reprinted, provided it appears in its entirety with the following attribution: Copyright © 2006, Ford R. Myers and Career Potential, LLC.