Quick NCLEX-PN Tips That Snatch Up Every Last Exam Point

Picture this: what’s the most frustrating thing that you can encounter on your NCLEX-PN exam?

Is it facing a tough question that leaves your mind drawing a blank? Is it having to sort through years of nursing school experience to come up with an answer – all within thirty seconds or less? Or is it simply the pressure of having to apply several years’ worth of knowledge in a timed standardized exam?

Believe it or not, none of these are the scariest things that you can encounter on the NCLEX test. In fact, these dilemmas can be chalked up to mere child’s play in the face of the real fright of NCLEX-PN review.

Are you ready for what it is?

Make sure you’re sitting down for this – because what you’re about to learn for the NCLEX may shock you.

Beware of the NCLEX-PN Question Itself

Think about it this way: you’ve got years of nursing school experience and internships under your belt. So when you finally sit down to the exam, you’re pretty confident that you’ve got the goods to measure up to this difficult test.

But what if I told you that even the smartest nursing students fail to apply their limitless nursing knowledge – and it’s all because they simply didn’t read the question right in the first place?

It might seem like such an innocuous problem, but beware: if you misread a question, then there’s no possible way you can get a right answer.

And to make matters worse, the makers of the test have already predicted how you’re going to misread their questions. That’s why they’ve got a bevy of answers designed to lure you into a false sense of security…

…And steal your valuable NCLEX-PN exam points!

How to Avoid This Point-Stealing Trap

So what can you do to avoid the dreaded misread on your exam?

Simple: stuff your NCLEX-PN review with these powerful tips and techniques!

• Don’t second-guess questions that appear to be too easy. The NCLEX-PN exam does throw you abone every once in awhile. Don’t let doubt creep in and take away your opportunity to rack up some freebie test points!
• Don’t allow your own personal feelings to influence how you should respond to a question. Remember, when it comes to this exam, you should answer questions in regards to what’s best for the patient – and that won’t always be the easiest thing for the nurses or the doctors.
• Have a mental dialogue with the questions. In fact, try to answer the question before you even take a look at the answer. If you see an answer that’s similar to your own, then chances are that it’s the correct one. Quickly mark it down, and don’t second-guess yourself!
• Stay interested in what you’re reading about. It can be easy to let your mind drift after a few dozen test questions. Stay alert and focused, and your score will be back in the game.